A Swisscom project

Digitisation offers companies and consumers unprecedented opportunities based on a network infrastructure. It has also been the catalyst for major changes in the way people work. In the past, everything revolved around technology. Today, people are in the spotlight. For this reason, Swisscom is focussed on facilitating and enriching the lives of its customers. This change of perspective has greatly affected corporate strategy and the way employees approach projects.

A multimedia installation in the basement of La Werkstadt shows the network infrastructure and how it works. All the other floors form part of our ideas workshop, where people are encouraged to work together in an environment of open co-creation. The upper floors are intended for use by project teams from different companies, all working closely together over extended periods and applying the philosophy and methods of human-centered design. On the ground floor, we are giving companies, managers, entrepreneurs, students and lateral thinkers the opportunity to get started using HCD development methods and establishing a multidisciplinary network aimed at promoting successful cooperation and an open exchange of ideas to improve project results and inspire viable innovations.